Although this was my 3rd marriage, it was my first real wedding. I was 57 and the groom was 52. My fiancee had three daughters from his previous marriage and I had two step-daughters and one daughter from my ex. So you can see, we were quite a mixed group.

I really had no experience with planning a wedding. I went with my daughters to the wedding show at the IX center and became very overwhelmed. So many choices. I decided to go with people I knew and I had met the disc jockey from Garfield Middle School’s dances. I was a teacher at Garfield before retiring. I found that this disc jockey was fun, upbeat and knew how to keep a party moving.

What I did not know, until talking to Jacob, was that it is really the disc jockey and MC who run your wedding. A month or so before my wedding, when we sat down and planned things out, I realized that Jacob was going to choreograph exactly what would happen and when. We had an in depth interview, where he asked questions about what I wanted in my wedding. Really, he asked me questions I had never even considered. We talked for well over an hour and as we talked, I could see all the details coming together. A huge weight began to lift, as I finally saw the little bits of what I wanted forming an overall celebration. I realized as the MC, he would see that everything went along as plannned, making changes as needed. Naturally, our minister would be in charge of the ceremony, and we all practiced with her, but how the music would be interwoven into the ceremony and the celebration was down to the DJ s.

I was thrilled with the professionalism and spirit the Fuze DJ s brought to my wedding. They were well worth the cost. I was all about dancing, and they provided plenty of music for young and old alike, also taking some requests. They arrived promptly, got set up and stuck with our plans. I would definitely recommend them for any wedding, as they are willing to adapt to whatever the bride and groom want. It was absolutely my day, and they made sure I was able to just enjoy myself with my guests, without any worries.

-Denise and Allan Weiss